Cernobbio Music Campus

Cernobbio Music Campus

Welcome to Cernobbio Music Campus! A project created by Music Innovation Hub, the Municipality of Cernobbio and the Associazione Mediterraneo Sicilia Europa. Supported by the Regione Lombardia with the Giovani SMART funding program.

Cernobbio Music Campus: an initiative engaging music business professionals and its newest protagonists in an empowerment project. The program's goal is to impart a fundamental understanding of the current music industry, in order to join and follow its evolution.

From January to July 2023, 20 young people between the ages of 15 and 34 years old, residing in Lombardy, will be selected to partecipate in a creative, cultural, and music focused educational program. 

The project will take place in the attic of Villa Beranasconi’s Museum in Cernobbio, space that usually hosts creative workshops and artist studios. 

The program is divided in three modules covering: an understanding of the music ecosystem and the music management strategies; a creative program focusing on music experimentation; the coordination and organisation of cultural events.
As part of the program’s conclusion, in June 2023, the 20 participants will be involved in the cocreation of a cultural and creative event that will be held in Villa Bernasconi. The event, specifically created for the local community and taking place in one of the most important landmarks of Cernobbio, will be a great opportunity for the selected participants to be active protagonist of a unique cultural and creative initiative.
Finally, in July 2023, the prototype of the event will be presented at BASE, in the Tortona area of Milan, a multifunctional cultural centre that fuels social innovation, and encourages the cross contamination between arts, enterprises and technology.

Cernobbio Music Campus will see the participation of professionals including: Dino Lupelli (General Manager, MIH/Linecheck Music Meeting and Festival), Christoph Storbeck (Head of Conference, Linecheck), Anna Zò (Operations Manager MIH/Linecheck), Claudia Taibez (Head of the cultural department of the Municipality di Cernobbio), Sarah Parisio (Project Manager MIH), Germano Centorbi (Creative Director, Linecheck).


January – May 2023 Educational Program
June 2023 Co-creation of final event
July 2023 Final event at BASE Milano

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