We help our partners navigate the music world, providing solutions that are rooted in our value system, our relationship network and our expertise, creating innovative and responsible projects and processes.

Best Practices

ONU / Play:Fair for People and Planet

Play: Fair for People and Planet brings together musicians, artists and activists using the power of music

The event aims to inspire, connect and mobilize people around the world by bringing together local and international musicians, artists and activists. Produced as a sustainable musical event, we want to reimagine a new world where we face the global challenges of climate injustice and inequality.

The music industry can lead the way in how we can produce big events and take climate and environment into consideration to reduce stress on our planet. Let’s adapt to nature and not vice versa.

Red Bull / The Hub

The Hub Red Bull is a call for developers, UX / UI designers, startuppers to build the POC (proof of concept) of an app that connects the world of festivals and events in Italy with companies in the beverage sector.

McDonald's / Heroes

For Heroes, the first large-scale hybrid concert in the history of Italian music which took place in September 2020, MIH and McDonald’s established the Crispy McBacon Awards with the aim of giving three young Italian artists a unique opportunity to get their music out there.

The three young winners were chosen by an exceptional jury made up of Marracash, Sony record executive Sara Potente, and the manager Paola Zukar, and performed from a dedicated virtual room during the event.

Spotify / COVID-19 Sosteniamo la musica

The COVID-19 Sosteniamo la musica (Support Music) fund from Music Innovation Hub, promoted by FIMI, was set up to support musicians and music sector professionals during the global crisis.
Together we raised €850k, helping over 1500 workers with the involvement of 150 artists and a total of 250 hours of events.

The initiative was part of Spotify’s global COVID-19 Music Relief project, launched to support music industry professionals and artists through a difficult time: every euro donated to the MIH fund via the Spotify COVID-19 Sosteniamo la Musica page was matched by Spotify, making for a total of 10 million dollars allocated worldwide.