On the occasion of Heroes Festival 2021, Music Innovation Hub launched Mission Diversity, a project dedicated to the representation and enhancement of gender diversity within the music industry.

Mission Diversity, planned and carried out by Music Innovation Hub social enterprise, together with the international network of Keychange and with PRS Foundation, powered by YouTube, supported by Daimon / IMAGinACTION and with institutional partners such as ASviS, Italia Music Lab, UN SDG Action Campaign and UNAR – Ufficio Nazionale Antidiscriminazioni Razziali.

Mission Diversity is an International Call, open to organizations (profit and non-profit) from the creative, cultural and musical world, which want to present musical projects created by groups of people (involving women and underrepresented gender minorities as protagonists) who can tell the issue of gender and cultural diversity at an international level.

Winning projects revealed!

The 6 projects that won the bursary were announced during the last edition of Linecheck – Music Meeting and Festival.


Create new opportunities for professional growth and promotion to women and gender minorities within the music industry, fighting any kind of discrimination related to gender identity.

What the Call offers

Mission Diversity supports 6 artistic projects presented by organizations operating in the creative industries, involving under-represented talents. Each project will receive 12.000€ bursary for the development of an original project and the creation of a final audiovisual output.

For each project, Mission Diversity will allocate 3.000€ for the realization of a documentary that will be promoted on the partners’ media channel and projected during the SDGs Campaign Festival in May 2022.

Who can apply

You can only apply to this Call if you are an organization working within the cultural and creative sectors (both non-profit organization and profit organization are eligible). 

The organization must (self declaration on the Google Form):

  • Be able to understand and communicate in english or be able to find an interpreter to communicate with the promoters 
  • Have a registered company number
  • Have been formed before August 2021
  • Send a short video presenting the project and the artists involved. The video should be: 
    • max 60 seconds
    • 1 or more representatives of the organization speaking of the project along with the artists involved (video conference) 
    • Answer the question “How this project enhance the value of diversity”

To be accepted, the artistic project must:

  • Be originally designed for Mission Diversity
  • Involve 2 or more artists belonging to underrepresented genders (women and/or gender minorities)
  • Have a valuable proposition
  • Be able to independently finalize the requested output

Fundraising and financing

Mission Diversity is made possible thanks to APEROL with HEROES, which contributes to the cause with 10% of its revenues, and YouTube, main partner of the project, which will finance the first 6 projects (an amount of 15.000€  will be destined to each one of them). 

The network of partners is still looking for new sponsors and donors to allow the financing of several projects (still following the ranking made by the Evaluation Committee).

Who the promoters are:

Powered by:

Supported by:

Institutional Partners:

Who evaluates the projects

An International Evaluation Committee, composed by selected members of the partner organizations, will evaluate the projects to identify the 6 deserving projects.

Evaluation process

Each member of the Evaluation Committee will evaluate the projects through different criteria, scoring them from 1 to 5 points for each criteria. This evaluation will lead to an average rating of the project on which a ranking will be drawn up.

Each project will be scored based on the following criteria:

• Proposing subject / Organization
• Artistic project
• Social impact
• Economical aspects

The Bonus Points are based on:

• Originality of the artistic proposal
• Multicultural interaction
• Geographical origin of the subjects
• Intersectionality

Milestones of the project

  1. LAUNCH OF THE CALL DURING THE HEROES WITH APEROL | September 17th – 18th | Deadline October 20th
  2. SELECTION OF THE FIRST ARTISTIC PROJECTS FUNDED BY THE FESTIVAL | October 20th – November 15th | and announce of the selected projects at Linecheck 2021 | November 23rd – 25th, Milan
  4. PRESENTATION AT THE UN GLOBAL FESTIVAL OF ACTION, the largest SDG community gathering | May 2022 |


Copyrights and licenses

All the rights reserved to the authors and the owners of the audiovisual outputs.

Except for: the promoters of Mission Diversity will require a license for using the audiovisual outputs for promotion and dissemination purposes related to the project (that includes: sharing on social media channels; projection during the UN SDGs Action Campaign Festival in May 2022; use of the material in the documentary).

Moreover, the audiovisual outputs produced will be licensed to MIH to distribute them on its Youtube channels for a limited period of 1 year.